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Do you meet the requirements?

  1. I am a native English speaker from one of the following countries: USA, UK, Ireland, Canada, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand

  2. I have a smartphone, internet, and I am able to download WeChat.

  3. I am well-spoken, articulate and able to explain things very clearly.

  4. I am committed to quality and genuinely care about helping others.

  5. I understand that yoli has a stringent quality control policy and I will have a short 12-class unpaid probation period. I am aware that my classes may be evaluated and recorded by yoli for this and other purposes.

Keep in mind

A great yoli teacher is engaging, compassionate, down-to-earth, well-spoken, passionate about cultural sharing and always striving to be better.


Login with WeChat

You will need to have WeChat in order to teach on yoli. WeChat is the messenger app used for all classes. You’ll need to download it for your app store in order to complete this step (it’s free).

Once you have the app, select the ‘Me’ tab and be sure to set a unique WeChat ID. You cannot use the default ID. You can only set your ID once.


Make a profile

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Submit your ID

Instructions: Please take a landscape photo of a legal ID and upload it below. If you have any issues uploading the photo, please contact us: recruiting@yolichat.com


Tell us a little more about you


Carefully review the training materials

Every tutor has a unique style. The diversity of styles and backgrounds is what makes yoli so valuable to students. Because classes aren't assigned, students are able to practice speaking with people from around the world, which simulates the real world and helps them improve quickly.

That said, there are standards that must be met, as well as class elements and practices fundamental to yoli. yoli is not a free talk platform. Students should be challenged in every class, no matter their level, and feedback is just as important as practice. The balance of these elements (practice, feedback, scaling) defines the yoli class genre.

It is highly receommended that you take notes as you go through the materials, so that you can be well-prepared for your first class. Your understanding of the platform will be evaluated in the next steps of the application process.

I have carefully reviewed all of the above matierials. I understand and agree that any information shared on the yoli platform will remain the sole property of yoli and yoli will make all reasonable efforts to protect any archived information. I realize that if I am offered and accept part time employment at yoli I am certifying that I have an arrangement with my current employer that allows me to work part time during my own free time.


Complete the quiz

You’re almost done! Next, complete this set of questions about the materials you’ve just been through. Once you finish, you’ll need to schedule an evaluation.

You have two chances to pass the quiz. You must get at least 9/10 questions correct. Good luck!

Unfortunately you failed your first quiz attempt. You must get at least 9 questions correct out of 10 in order to pass. You will have one more attempt to pass the quiz. The questions are desgined such that anyone seriously reviewing the training materials will have no difficulty passing.

Please review the materials further and try again.

Attempts remaining: 1

Unfortunately you failed the second quiz attempt. Unfortunately that means you have no more attempts remaining. At yoli we want to make sure our tutors are dedicated and really understand the platform they’ll be teaching on, as it is quite different than many others out there.

We wish you the best of luck in all your endevors!

Great job! You passed the quiz!


Do the interview

Great job! Clicking the button below will notify our recruiting team that you’ve completed the application. Make sure to add the recruiter on WeChat by scanning the QR code.

If your application looks good, a yoli recruiter will accept your WeChat friend request and take you through the next steps. You and the recruiter can then schedule the evaluation.