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In the startup world, a tipping point is the critical point in the lifecycle of a company, product or service beyond which a significant and often unstoppable effect or change takes place. A time when momentum has reached a certain point where the obstacles slowing growth are outweighed by the forward momentum of growth. Having experienced this before in other startups I have founded, I feel yoli passed that tipping point.

Prior to May we focused on quality of delivery and we did no outbound marketing while we tweaked and perfected all facets of the platform. Nonetheless yoli achieved a higher than expected number of classes given and students enrolled. In late May we launched the first of many multimedia marketing salvos, to great success. yoli is now visible with custom made videos and other content on a wide variety of online media with the usual quality and flair that you have come to expect from yoli. This exposure is building the brand, driving trial classes and paid conversions.

Outstanding tutors may qualify to teach our high paying trial classes or even become paid leaders in our yoli Family groups. Now is the great time to be a yoli tutor!

James Lalonde (CEO)

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