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yoli Tipping Point

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In the startup world, a tipping point is the critical point in the lifecycle of a company, product or service beyond which a significant and often unstoppable effect or change takes place. A time when momentum has reached a certain point where the obstacles slowing growth are outweighed by the fo

We have launched!

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Great news! The yoli platform is now live. Students are streaming in and our tutors are doing real 15-minute classes, helping learners get better at English, making $4 each time they do it. There is nothing like this–it’s a revolution. Sign up as a tutor HERE. Be sure to submit a vide

The Launch Date

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The yoli WeChat app will be soft launching on February 29th! The app essentially expands the functionality of WeChat so that tutors and students can do classes without ever leaving WeChat. We’ve got some pretty cool backend tech making it all happen, but it really comes down to a better and

The 7 yoli Tutor Mantras

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We’ve created a series of core beliefs, which we call ‘Mantras’. They encapsulate everything we believe about success on the platform, as a tutor. THE 7 TUTOR MANTRAS 1. Be a guide, not a lecturer Students get better through practice. Explain the exercises, make suggestions and